Reaching New Heights With Our New Hiab Crane Truck

Scotloo/Scotbox Hiab Crane

We want to welcome our new pride in the fleet! Our new Volvo hiab truck is totally bespoke and designed to support us and our line of work.

Hiab Truck

As part of our ongoing fleet investment program, we have invested in a new hiab crane vehicle. You are probably asking yourself “What is a Hiab?”. A hiab is a term used for trucks with a crane that is mounted on a heavy, modified truck chassis. Hiab crane trucks allow us to deliver customers’ containers, office or welfare cabins and more, into those hard-to-reach areas.

So why is this particular hiab truck so special? This Volvo 500 FMX 6×2 is the new star of the show at Scotloo/Scotbox, with a 500hp engine, it is equipped with a Fassi 48Tm crane and Mac’s patented front leg system. It has the capability of lifting 13 tons next to the vehicle and 2 tons at a whopping 16m reach! Additionally, this bespoke build from MAC’s Truck Sales has been fitted with Mac’s patented front leg system, to assist in those hard to reach places.

And let’s not forget about the extra lights, alloy wheels and much more that has been incorporated into this build just to give it a little bit more BLING! But what makes this vehicle different from other trucks with a front leg system is the particular way Mac’s Truck’s have housed the system so it looks like it’s part of the truck. Our new hiab truck is a totally bespoke build for us and our line of work, and it has taken a lot of fine-tuning to make this the right vehicle for our business.

Hiab Hire and Delivery

We don’t just use our vehicles to service our customers site requirements, we have a bespoke fleet of hiab crane vehicles available to hire. As a result we are able to help companies reach those great heights that may not be achievable using their other vehicles. We provide a fully project-managed crane hire and contract lifting service. Additionally, we also supply our reliable truck-mounted loader hire services to all industries and environments.

For example, the construction industry relies heavily on hiab trucks for the movement of materials. A crane truck is a great alternative to a static crane on a work site, which is limited to that location and cannot be driven on a public road. As a result, our hiab trucks can save companies a lot of time and money, allowing them to lift heavy loads from one site and then transport it to other sites in the same day.

All our hiab cranes are 16 metre reach rigid vehicles 6×2″ and 8×2″. We also have drawbar trailers, allowing us to carry even more. 

32 Tonne Metre – 5T Max lift 

48 Tonne Metre – 12T Max lift 

82 Tonne Metre – 16T Max lift.

Find out how we can help your company reach greater heights and talk to our friendly, experienced team to ensure you get the right vehicle for your requirements.

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