Scotloo is Flushed with Success since Implementing BigChange Software

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Since implementing the 6-in-1, cloud-based solution, Scotloo has achieved its best ever trading year, invested £5 million in its fleet of specialist vehicles, and automated customer correspondence.

Using BigChange, Scotloo has total visibility and the ability to capture and record an array of job-specific information, which is driving a move to paperless working, achieving operational efficiencies, and reducing back-office administration using the live-linked mobile app and back-office system.

Our Managing Director Jordan Black explains “During COVID, when the demand from the events sector was vastly reduced, and we were mainly working from home, we had a window of breathing space to review how we were managing our mobile operation,”

“At the time this consisted of four paper diaries and countless Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Whilst this worked, it wasn’t ideal and it was obvious that there were efficiencies that could be achieved and savings that could be made that would help us get through what was a hugely difficult time, and come back leaner and more dynamic.”

Scotloo uses the BigChange job management system to gain total visibility of our hire, sales and service operation.

Jordan continues, “BigChange does it all, from managing customer records and issuing automated quotes, follow-ups, and marketing promotions using the CRM, to allocating and reporting on individual jobs, vehicles and team members. With BigChange it’s all available at the click of a button, for any member of the team to access.”

Using BigChange, Scotloo has slashed the time it takes to prepare and issue customer communications. Bespoke quotations can be batch produced in less than an hour for hundreds of individual documents, a process that previously could have taken all day.

Follow-ups and reminders are automatically issued, and BigChange’s CRM features also allow for bespoke marketing campaigns and promotions. Resulting in a need for less back-office admin these features have contributed to Scotloo achieving its best ever year in terms of turnover in 2023.

Scotloo has also achieved additional efficiencies with drag and drop scheduling and automated routing for both its delivery and collection teams, and service staff. The BigChange mobile app, running on tablets or on an operative’s mobile phone, is reducing the need for drivers to go into the office to collect or drop off paperwork and means they can access site or equipment information remotely, and record and share real-time job reports including time, date, and location stamped photographs.

Scotloo is also making use of the integration of the what3words location encoding solution to help drivers find sites and equipment in rural or hard to find locations such as festivals.

Daily, guided vehicle checks and real-time tracking of all vehicles is further improving efficiencies and operating standards, with timely notifications of potential faults or maintenance issues, and driver behaviour alerts for issues such as idling, harsh braking or speeding.

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