Modular Building Solutions

Are you looking for a site space solution that meets your personal requirements? Then a modular building is the solution for you. We supply permanent or temporary space extensions that allow you to be creative when designing spaces, giving you the flexibility to upsize, downsize, or move them to another location.

With flexible panels and a large choice of  equipment, we provide you with a customised and flexible site solution for all your needs. Scotloo & Scotbox offer the option to combine individual cabin modules, that you can extend and adapt whenever the need arises. We support you during the design and planning stages to identify your modular requirements, and we are here to advise you every step of the way. Our experienced team will continue to support you once your site is set up and identify further site solutions, to ensure your company has the space to grow. 

Our modular buildings offer you the ideal solution for temporary or permanent space requirements. Connecting several cabins to a modular cabin gives you the freedom to explore an array of high-quality space solutions:

  • Office complexes
  • Employee accommodation
  • Temporary accommodation 
  • Events
  • Construction sites
  • Agriculture
  • Flexible sales rooms 

Why Choose Modular?

  • Modular buildings create a quicker return on investment to more sustainable building practices.
  • Modular building solutions do not restrict the number of people you can accommodate and offers virtually unlimited floor space across multiple storeys.
  • Modular buildings are sustainable and environmental friendly and offer lightweight, insulated structures, making them a highly environmentally-friendly option compared to more traditional building structures.
  • Your modular building will be a factory controlled build, minimising room for error and disruption.
  • A modular build ensures your business runs smoothly while your modular building is being created, allowing you business to continue as usual, with minimal noise, mess or pollution disruption.
Modular Buildings

Customised modules to meet your individual needs

Modular buildings can be a permanent or temporary extension of your current property, for rent or purchase: everything is possible. From a construction site office to a clubhouse or a residential complex: Due to flexible panels and countless equipment options, you can create spaces, and change your design as your need change and you can also move them to another location if required.

  • Individual modules are built off site under factory conditions.
  • In general, modules for modular construction projects are fully-fitted with all electrics, plumbing, heating and internal finishes.
  • Modules are delivered to the site by a lorry.
  • Modules are then craned into position.
  • They can be connected side-by-side or end-to-end and interconnected to create multiple storey buildings.
  • Any additional fit-outs are carried out according to your specific needs.

Modular buildings give you both speed and certainty, enabling you to achieving your aims.

Modular School

Manufactured off site for speedy delivery and on-site construction

Modular buildings offer a highly-efficient and fast method of delivering flexible, high-quality modern buildings. Our modular buildings can be a very speedy, high-quality solution to your needs. To create modular buildings during the process of modular construction, steel-framed modules are manufactured off site then delivered and craned into place. Your modular buildings will be manufactured off site. This process prevents delays faced on traditional site-based builds such as adverse weather or labour shortages and minimises the construction time of your modular construction project. Once delivered to site, modules are craned into position to produce a watertight modular structure within days. Modular construction offers the flexibility to create buildings to any scale, also allowing the addition or removal of building units as your needs change. Buildings can also be moved to another site at any time, complete with components and all essential parts intact.

The possibilities are endless

Modules can be used for short-term mobile space solutions while your refurbished? Perfect for construction, retail, healthcare, classrooms, offices, snack bars, car dealership and much more, because you can scale up or downsize at any time without disruption. Modular construction has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional on-site projects. Building modules off site results in 90% less vehicle movements and up to 90% less waste.

Inside Scotbox Modular Buildings

Take a tour of the modular building range

This video gives you the opportunity to take a step by step tour around a showroom of the available modular building range. Not only do you get to look inside and around the buildings, you also get some example of modular building conversions that will inspire you to consider the endless opportunities of expansion and conversions, that will allow you to adapt and grow and meet the needs your developing business.

Modular Buildings Product Range

10′ Portable cabin

2,989 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
Modular Cabin 10"

20′ Portable cabin

6,055 x 2,435 x 2,591 mm
Modular Cabin 20FT