Why Staff Training is Crucial to Your Business

Scotloo Hiab Training Day

At Scotloo/Scotbox, we understand why staff training is important, and why showing our employees we care about them and their personal development has many benefits for our business.

Personal Development

Scotloo recognises and values the contribution that our staff make to the business. Hence, we are willing to invest heavily in staff training at every level and strive to deliver critical opportunities for our employees to grow and excel. It is becoming evident that our commitment to nurturing personal development has benefitted staff retention with the average length of service across the company being nine years. In addition, we actively encourage future entrepreneurship by developing imagination, creativity and confidence in the next generation to set them up with the necessary skills to succeed in business.

Staff Training

Over time we have provided training to several staff members who successfully gained skills that support them in their roles. These include first aid, IOSH Health and Safety, Class 1 HGV training and leadership and management qualifications. Ongoing employee training remains key for us. We have recently successfully put James McLaren through his Allmi Accreditation Certificate with Martin Training and Supplies. James was also part of a young driver’s apprenticeship scheme, which gained him a Class 1 HGV certificate. Evidently, supporting James personal development has resulted in him becoming a valuable asset to the operations of Scotloo.

Employee Benefits

We also understand that training staff needs to be an ongoing process as it has numerous employee benefits. Training allows existing employees to perform new job tasks and helps businesses stay competitive. Also, showing your employees that you want to support their development and performance demonstrates that you care about them. It also motivates them to do more and perform better in their jobs.



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