Welfare Unit Servicing

As well as servicing our own hire portable toilets, we also offer welfare unit services for privately owned units. We can offer customers, from local authorities, welfare unit hire companies to single-site builders and rural locations, a high level of service at all times.

Welfare units are self-contained facilities that usually provided a flushable or chemical toilet, canteen, drying room and office space for construction sites. It’s of paramount importance that your welfare units are serviced, emptied and cleaned on a regular basis.

How often these need emptying depends on the usage and size of the waste tank but whatever your schedule might be, we can make arrangements to attend and remove liquid waste efficiently and without fuss.

On top of that we can also service single toilet cubicles, static and mobile welfare units and effluent tanks.

From construction sites to facilities at hard to reach rural areas, we have been providing a liquid waste removal service and water replenishment supply to these units for 40 years.

As a result, our drivers empty waste tanks and refill water tanks in an effective and efficient manner. That’s not all, we will leave your units clean and replacing chemicals and replenishing water supplies and items such as soap and hand towels.

Our range of tankers ensures we can reach the most inaccessible locations with difficult access or rough terrain. We also have a smaller fleet of 4×4 trucks which are perfect for off-roading, meaning that we are able to access almost everywhere to provide portable toilet services.

Our welfare unit tanker services operate regularly on well-established routes across Perthshire, Tayside, Angus, Aberdeenshire, Fife, Lothian’s and Central Belt.

For commercial customers we offer a range of ad hoc or scheduled liquid waste removal and water refill contracts with discounts available for regular customers.

With all clean water drawn from our own treatment plant and using the appropriate hydrant, standpipe and pipework, we offer a quick water replenishment tanker service to support our customers.

Scotloo are the experts when it comes to welfare unit emptying, disposing of all our waste under strict SEPA regulations and our experienced operatives will segregate, securely contain and label waste for transportation.

Our experienced team will help you to implement a well-thought out plan to avoid emptying during peak times to minimise disruption to your site. Not only that, we also provide a 24 hour response service in the case of an emergency.

Needing a water delivery? The majority of our liquid waste removal tankers also transport clean water so are ideal if you require both services on-site.

We also offer a full range of tanker services including septic tank emptying, water deliverieschemical toilet emptying, effluent tank emptyingFOG management, drain and gully emptying and flood response.

As well as tanker services we also provide a wide variety of site equipment for sale or hire, such as, toilets and shower, containerswelfare facilitiesofficescanteens and drying rooms.

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