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Farming season upon and there is lots to do before farmers can reap the rewards of their harvest. Undeniably, farming is a busy job for the most part of the year but never more so than in spring. From calving and lambing to preparing and sowing fields or general maintenance, there is always something needing done.

Food and Flower Farmers

In Spring, farmers start preparing fields for planting and field workers arrive on-site to pick blooming daffodils, daphnes and forsythias. Scotloo/Scotbox provide the right site solutions so arable and soft fruit and flower farmers have everything they need to take care of their employees. Understandably, when relying on seasonal field based staff, food hygiene is of paramount importance. Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) guidance recommends that employees maintain hand hygiene within the fields. This ensures that foodborne pathogens are not transferred from hand to produce.

Looking after Livestock

Health and hygiene is a top priority to avoid the spread of disease and infection to livestock. As a result, all equipment and calving and lambing facilities need to be kept clean and in good working order. With bodily fluids everywhere, understandably, it is essential to get into a routine of cleaning hands when entering and leaving the birthing sheds to minimise the risk of any infections and diseases.

Site Solutions

Scotloo has been providing portable toilets, showers, site accommodation and wash stations to the Scottish farming industry for almost 40 years. 

Basically, we understand the provision of high quality, regularly serviced portable toilets and wash stations are a priority. Whether you are growing flowers, vegetables or soft fruit, our dedicated experienced team will ensure that you have the right facilities, serviced as you require.

Reassuringly, our service personnel know that communication is paramount to a good working relationship and will contact each farm to confirm location of toilets or site changes.

Rest assured, we provide a full range of services to help you comply with legislation and meet your customers requirements. In addition, our multilingual signage helps to ensure that toilets are being used appropriately.  Scotloo is a responsible and fully licensed waste carrier.

  • Toilets – Mains and Chemical
  • Trailer Toilets
  • Hand Wash Stations
  • Office / Canteens
  • Showers
  • Liquid Waste Management Services 
  • Staff Welfare Units
  • Water Testing Certification 
  • Experienced Service Team
  • Proof of Service History,plenty%20of%20airflow%2C%20no%20draught.


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