Scotloo Fleet Investment

New Scotloo Truck

2019 has been a year of fleet investment at Scotloo. We have been expanding to accommodate the needs of our customers. Our latest addition will see an upgrade to the services we mainly provide to our customers north of our Perth HQ. 

Mick (Michael) McFarlane Mahoney (try saying that 7 times fast!) is the lucky one who will be on the road with the new truck. Be sure to give him a wave! Mick is one of our longest serving drivers, at 18 years of tenure with the company we would be lost (literally on occasion) without him!

Mick is one of the good guys, a true gent with a positive attitude he is always happy to help. 

When asked if he was excited about getting a new truck, it was written all over his face (a child at Christmas comes to mind!) Although he may miss his old Manual, we’re sure he will get used to the automatic very soon.

A few notes of thanks go out to AM Philip Trucktech and LVB Ltd for the bodywork. Finally to our lads in the workshop and Mick who fitted the tanks and kit needed to ensure SC05 LOO was all ready to go on Monday morning.

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