Behind the Scenes of a Summer Event…

Young woman with blonde hair is dancing with her friends in a performance tent at a music festival. She has her arms outstretched and is watching the performance.
When you’re checking out the cake stall at your local fete, cheering on the competitors at one of the Highland Games, or enjoying another outdoor event, you probably don’t stop and think about the logistics of that event? Unless you’re on an organising committee, why should you? The good news is that, whether you’re a seasoned event professional, or a volunteer wondering where to start, we’re here to help.
In the background, a lot of hard work goes into the planning and organising for any event, leaving aside the work that is needed to clear up, after all the fun is over. Scotloo and Scotbox support more local events than you may realise, quietly providing our services so that things run smoothly.
As with most things in life, preparation is the key. Months beforehand, sometimes a year or more in advance, we are helping to plan the event, getting it into our diary and reserving facilities. 
Event planning  starts with basic requirements, such as:
  • Toilet provision
  • Storage cabins
  • External ticket office
  • House management offices or staff facilities
  • Water supply
  • Heated shower and toilet blocks
We’ll need to know the basic information, such as when and where the event is taking place. We’ll also help you to make sure that any other potential issues, such as physical access, or delivery constraints, have been considered. Whatever your need, we can make sure that we have it covered!
Ahead of the event, all facilities provided by our team are inspected, carefully checked, stocked with any consumables and loaded onto our branded delivery vehicles. Our site team deliver to site and locate the facilities where they are needed, to best accommodate the event goers. Usually, throughout longer duration, or high demand events our team is on site ensure facilities are kept clean and well stocked. 
After the event has closed and everyone has left, our job isn’t complete. Now we clean up and remove our facilities, returning the site to normal. When equipment is returned to base, our team swings into action, working hard to service and prepare units ready for their next event.
An example of providing services to a prestigious event, was in 2018 for Scone Palace and the World Medieval Combat Federation Championships. Our facilities allowed competitors, who were camping on site, to have access to home comforts of a warm shower and heated toilet /washroom facilities. The Scotloo team was on site all week, providing service support through each day, ensuring the facilities were kept stocked and clean at all times. 
Other fantastic events that we have supported include the Strathmore Vintage Vehicle Club, Perth Beer Festival, Cateran Yomp, The Friends of Barry Mill music festival. In 2018 we provided all the portable toilets when Rita Ora performed in Slessor gardens, Dundee. Our team love to volunteer for events and this one was very popular, we guess they must like Dundee!
We provide a range of temporary accommodation. As well as providing and managing portable toilets and showers, we can work with together with other service providers to deliver an integrated waste management solution. We would love to help you make your next event a success. Why not give one of our friendly team a call on 01738 472 002 and we can see how best we can help.
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