Interceptor Emptying

Interceptors are fitted to your drainage system to separate wastewater from oil, silt, dirt and any other harmful contaminants. They are also known as fuel and oil separators.

You will find interceptor tanks at sites where vehicles may leak fuel and oil onto the ground. For example, fire stations, supermarkets, garage forecourts, car parks, car wash bays, bus depots and industrial yards where vehicle washing takes place.

Interceptors stop oil, petrol and grease from contaminating drainage systems and local rivers/ streams.

To ensure the interceptor continues to work as intended, it is important to have a regular interceptor emptying service to keep your site running efficiently. It also helps avoid costly downtime from the consequences of pollution from surface water or drainage problems that threaten to pollution to the local waste water systems.

Scotloo Inteceptors

Scotloo have a vast amount of experience in interceptor cleaning and interceptor tank emptying from a variety of locations, including car garages, petrol stations, car washes and retails parks.

We have a large fleet of modern, bespoke, high vacuum tankers to complete the job efficiently and effectively. You can also be confident that your waste is being treated and disposed of in an environmentally secure manner as we are regularly monitored by SEPA and Scottish Water.

We also provide a 24/7 emergency call-out service in the event of any spillages or overflows. Call us to talk to one of our team who will provide support and advice for interceptor cleaning.

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